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Toxic Masculinity in the Media

It's a mad mad world out there! We encourage you to do your own research on this topic but we have gathered a few choice clips to get you started.


Note: The following videos are copyrighted materials of their respective owners. This website has no affiliation with these materials or their owners and we are providing links to materials for informational purposes only.

Dr. Jordan Peterson explains how the left's 'toxic masculinity' label is hurting boys  and young men.

American Psychological Association declares even traditional masculinity is harmful society.

Dr. Saad explains why the pejorative term toxic masculinity is contrived and harmful.

Perhaps society could benefit from more masculinity instead of less. [This video was deemed 'hate speech' by Facebook.]

Joe Rogan destroys Gillette's stupid man-shaming commercial on Toxic Masculinity.

The source of global warming has finally been discovered! Yes, it's Toxic Masculinity.

Toxic Masculinity makes you eat meat.

Dr. Warren Farrell on how poor government policy decisions are effecting young men.

How The Insidious Toxic Masculinity Myth is Damaging the Human Race

Dr. Gad Saad explains how Gillette got it wrong and the destructive nature of the war on masculinity. 

Third wave feminism is not "real feminism" it is an radical extremist ideology that seeks to rid the world of men.