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Professional Opinions

Psychology and sociology professionals agree with millions of everyday people that the gender label 'toxic masculinity' is disingenuous, divisive, destructive and should be eliminated from the conversation. Here are a few notable articles written by smart people on the subject.

"There has been a relentless ideological attack on masculinity, stemming from radical feminism, the most recent example of which is the bogus term 'toxic masculinity'. It literally seeks to pathologize masculinity in ways that are profoundly harmful  to the existential sense of young men."

     -  Gad Saah Ph.D. [Is Toxic Masculinity a valid Concept?]

"The trouble, as I see it, is the assignment of the word "toxic" to any particular gender. Toxicity doesn't belong to a gender any more than it can be exclusively assigned to a skin color."

     -   Rebecca S. Heiss Ph.D. [Shaving Away "Toxic Masculinity"]

"... our sons are too fragile to survive and thrive if those who ostensibly care for them – from academics to businesses to schools to communities – suggest our sons’ biggest crime is their very existence.  As McGill University researcher and co-author of Replacing Misandry Paul Nathanson has pointed out:  This will lead to self-hatred in boys and men, which is very dangerous, indeed."

     -  Dr. Michael Gurian [Masculinity Is Not Our Enemy]

"The term [toxic masculinity] mostly serves as a pejorative against men, it castigates men generally. It is not a theory, is not supported by academic literature, and is used arbitrarily."   

      -   Eric Anderson, Ph.D.  ['Toxic Masculinity': The Problem With The Phrase]

"... it seems unwise to feminize our sons while we encourage independence, self-confidence and competitiveness with our daughters. If evolutionary psychology means anything at all - and there is much evidence that it does - will our independent, strong and confident daughters ultimately want men who don't share these traits?"   

         -   Mark Sherman, Ph.D.  [Feminizing Boys as we Masculinize Girls]

"I add my voice to the chorus denouncing the ideological bias of the guidelines [APA Psychological Practice for Boys and Men] as profoundly anti-male, and essentially a denigration of men, and misandrist."

     -   Edward Kruk Ph. D. [Toxic Masculinity or Cultural Misandry?]

"It is rigid stereotypes about masculinity that are toxic. They hurt both men and women, since the term 'toxic masculinity' is, inescapably, careless, insulting, biased, intolerant and bigoted."

     -  Alexis C. [Want Sympathetic Sons? Stop Using the Term "Toxic Masculinity"]

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