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TxM Select Reserve

Straight Rye Whiskey



TxM Select Reserve Rye Whiskey is the cream of our Rye crop! We hand select our finest barrels of rye and proof it to a magical 111 to create the ultimate sipping companion. Qualifying barrels must have aged a minimum of 36 months in select seasoned, toasted and charred small-volume American White Oak barrels. 

BATCH #001

Release Date: December 2020

Mash Bill: 95% rye, 4% corn, 1% barley

Aged: 36+ months

Proof: 111.0 (55.5% ABV)

Production: 250 bottles

BATCH #002

Release Date: January, 2021 (Est.)

Mash Bill: TBD

Aged: TBD

Proof: 111.0 (55.5% ABV)

Production: 500 bottles (Est.)

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