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We love whiskey and often mused about how cool it would be to create our own whiskey expression some day. But with busy lives, and bills to pay, our relationship with whiskey was limited to consuming it.


Then one fateful day in January 2019 the Gillette razor company released a 'short film' that gave us the inspiration we needed. Like many people we were already annoyed with the ideological gender war being waged on boys and men. But when a Fortune 500 company decided to jump on the 'toxic masculinity' bandwagon we figured it was time to act.


Identity and gender politics don't help anyone. They need to stop. Our small contribution will be to help ridicule the absurd term 'toxic masculinity' out of existence. From here forward "Toxic Masculinity" is just the name of a great whiskey. 


Men are not perfect, and never will be. But if you believe, as we do, that most men are doing their best and masculinity is an overwhelmingly positive, powerful and necessary force for good in the world, we hope you will join us.


Your part is easy. All you need to do is kick back with your friends, enjoy a cigar, some good conversation and a three finger pour of Toxic Masculinity Whiskey over a cube or two.

Yours in service,

- Team TxM


Toxic JEFF

Ol' Jeff knows his whiskey. Our go-to tasting man has the palate one can only develop through participation in six foreign wars. Nothing leaves our dock before we get a thumbs up from Jeff. If any whiskey does not meet his rigorous quality standards he promptly destroys it. Or consumes it. We're not sure. He has been known by many names, but to us, he will always be...    

"The Most Toxic Man in the World"

Usual toxic self in Sarajevo.

Concerned father, grandfather, U.S. Special Forces Veteran, and certified toxic man.


When he's not building America or painting his next masterpiece he's working on our marketing stuff. Raising three young boys in this crazy world, Mike is particularly passionate about this topic. As he should be. 

Husband, concerned father, business owner, artist and Patagonian BBQ specialist.


Just another amazing hair day.



The most handsome of our bunch, but then the competition is pretty light. By day he teaches the finer points of sight alignment and trigger control, at night he's ours. Ryan is as complex as any fine whiskey, with competing affections for Fedora hats, fine wool sport coats, fancy watches and MK18's. 

Je    suis   debonair et  dangereux

Husband, concerned father, business owner, U.S. Military Veteran, and poet. 


This extra toxic mansplainer is our finance and operations guy.  We asked for a nice picture for our website and got this. But he's decent with numbers so we're keeping him around for now.

Husband, concerned father, business owner, and aspiring Saucier. 


What a toxic douche.

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