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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

87.6 PROOF

If you need a smooth sipper to hang out with, TxM Straight Bourbon Whiskey is your Huckleberry. Aged in seasoned new American White Oak for a minimum of 3 years, this bourbon is the perfect happy hour friend and will leave your taste buds satisfied every time.


BATCH #001

Release Date: December, 2020

Mash Bill: 85% corn, 14% rye, 1% malted barley

Aged: 36+ months

Proof: 87.6 (43.8% ABV)

Production: 1,632 bottles

BATCH #002

Release Date: February, 2021 (Est.)

Mash Bill: TBD

Aged: TBD

Proof: TBD

Production: 5,000 bottles (Est.)

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